Bio-Inspired Design Resources: Tools

These are a collection of resources (YouTube videos, journal and news articles, books, and online tools) for bio-inspired design that I’ve come across over the years. Some are just great inspiration for successful bio-inspired design, others are tools that can help you better implement your own bio-inspiration! A lot of these resources are also covered in my Bio-Inspired Engineering Design class (Texas A&M MEEN 440/689).

“Find biological strategies and inspired ideas relative to your innovation challenges, so you can emulate time-tested forms, processes, and systems.” Warning: these are primarily all biological strategies that have already been applied as bio-inspiration/biomimicry. It’s a great place to start but it can be a difficult place to find novel ideas.

Also includes the new “BioMole” tool, more literature on which can be found in the IEEE 2019 poster documentation here.

“The Biomimicry Institute provides tools to develop sustainable solutions for a balanced ecosystem by empowering people to learn and apply nature-inspired strategies in design. We offer access to free online resources, design challenges where people learn by practicing, support for bringing solutions to market, and serve as a connective tissue for a global network of innovators.”

This resource is older (2010 last update) but it contains a scholarly paper index of biomimetic papers, a Biomimetic Technology Tree, and a glossary of common biological terms written from an engineering perspective.

The BBC runs this program that has a podcast series. The program includes podcasts and videos of cool bio-inspiration, both successful applied and potential new solutions.