Article “Sustainability is unhelpful: we need to think about regeneration”

Article: Sustainability is unhelpful: we need to think about regeneration by Herbert Girardet published Monday 10 June 2013 08.23 EDT in the Guardian

“Sustainable development is a concept to which few people would object; most of us would agree that we should not live as if there were no tomorrow. But … [it leaves us with many questions:] How long is sustainable: 10 years, 100 years, 1,000 years? And who and what should be sustainable: households, cities, whole nations, the world economy? And who should benefit: current generations or all humans who will ever be alive? And where is the critique of the current economic system: can SD really occur under the rules of capitalism, where the refusal to put a price on nature’s services and on ecological and social externalities is a systemic problem?… The concept of regenerative development aims to fill this gap: it means that we need to develop comprehensive rules for an environmentally enhancing, restorative relationship between humanity and the ecosystems from which we draw resources for our sustenance.”