BiSSL Student to Attend National Science Foundation’s 2018 Summer School

BiSSL MS student Varuneswara Panyam was accepted to and will attend the National Science Foundation’s summer school on Decision Making in Engineering Systems at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, June 23-29, 2018. The six-day summer school will introduce graduate students to the foundations of decision-making in large systems and is hosted by Dr. Ali Abbas, Director of the Neely Center, at the University of Southern California.

Topics covered include

  • Characterizing uncertainty in a systems engineering and design environment
  • Building Preference – Value – Utility models for systems engineering and design
  • Introducing the basic axioms of decision-making, and methods to analyze flawed methods of decision making
  • Research methodologies for decision-making in systems engineering and design
  • Future research directions
  • Practical applications of decision-making in systems engineering featuring guest speakers from industry and academia

Read more about the summer school here…

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