Texas A&M’s GradSWE Faculty Panel Luncheon

BiSSL head Dr. Astrid Layton will be joining three other awesome women engineering faculty for GradSWE’s Faculty Panel Luncheon Event on Wednesday, Nov 14, in ETB 3002 from 12:30-2pm, to discuss how to choose the right career path. Some topics we will discuss include:

1- How professors chose their career path (academia, industry, national lab, etc.)
2- What considerations they took into place when making those decisions.

Lunch will be provided!

RSVP link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1pYhPnS7PauW5us2BR2sjwlZyl_QQAYRUb7u2vw7ARLY/viewform?ts=5bdb317d&edit_requested=true

The panel will include:

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