Three New BiSSL Students joining the group Spring 2021

We’d like to welcome three new undergraduate students to the BiSSL research group this semester! Learn more about them at out “Students” page on the website!

Jessica Ezemba

Undergraduate student Jessica Ezemba joined the BiSSL group Spring 2021 to continue with research she started in MEEN 440 Honors – Bio-Inspired Engineering Design. Jessica’s research interests include brain injury prevention. She is researching biology draw inspiration from how brain injury is prevented or minimized in nature.

Angel Alex

Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student Angel Alex joined the BiSSL lab group in Spring 2021. She is working on research of Net-Zero Communities and the benefits of implicating their design with ecological network analysis.

Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering student Christian Mendiondo joined the BiSSL lab group in Spring 2021, inspired by what he learned in Bio-Inspired Engineering Design (MEEN 440). He’ll be working on a design project focused around robotic prosthetics.

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